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(Make BULK CALLS and Send BULK SMS at SUPER FAST rate to any COUNTRY/STATE/CITY anytime at your discretion. No limitation. We are the only single provider on Internet for worldwide BULK CALLS, BULK SMS, BULK MISSED-CALLS to any Country/State/City.)










Google, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube are not the only Advertising Methods on Internet.


Newspapers, Magazines, Television Ads, and Big Posters will cost you a thousand times more than what you are about to earn by making sales.


It's good for big companies/corporations who have people's money to play with, but not for you and us.






Seasons change, Climates change, People change and finally the Marketing Method has to change.

Finally, a never seen before marketing method has arrived. This marketing method is currently not available anywhere on any known/unknown planet of this universe, except right here. So fasten your seat belt and see how this MARKETING TRICK can blow your sales through the roof in the cataclysmic years to come.


Make REAL TIME LIVE BULK CALLS/SMS/MISSED-CALLS anywhere in the world ANYTIME from ANYWHERE at the same low rates, day or night with just one click.

Revolutionary new state-of-the art software will allow you to broadcast your voice message/offer/advertisement to hundreds or thousands of customers instantly via a REAL TIME LIVE phone call within a few minutes.

Your customers can be anywhere in the entire world. will make a live phone call simultaneously to each of the phone numbers you upload and will playback your voice message/offer/advertisement. can make up to 600 calls/min. Lightning fast Super Servers will take care of the calls/SMS, you take care of your sales.




The Only Provider of Worldwide BULK CALLS, Worldwide BULK SMS and Worldwide BULK MISSED-CALLS on internet.



You can create unlimited lists/groups and you can upload phone numbers accordingly. For example, you can create a group of USA Customers, UK Customers, Friends, Local Customers  and so on as you wish, and you can enter the phone numbers of customers in correct groups for easy management.

Optionally, you can include/write a description for the list you are creating.

The number of contacts in each group is clearly visible. Editing and deleting of groups works like a charm. Also, you can easily export the phone numbers of each group separately in a plain text file.


Phone numbers in each list can be easily added in 3 ways:

a. Single entry one by one. - You can input the name, address, city, state, country, mobile, email etc of each customer individually.

b. Bulk Import by copy-paste. - You can import from a thousand to a million phone numbers in just one click into any group by copy-paste. There is no limit. Thanks to our programmers for making the simplest hassle free import method. You can even import other particulars of the customer like their name/city or any other fields as well via an EXCEL SHEET. This will be useful if you want to address each customer by their name etc or if you want to send any customized voice message.  

c. You can upload purchased/rented numbers list besides your customers/prospects list. No issues.


You can sort contacts in any group alphabetically. Contacts can be searched, edited, deleted easily. Each imported contact is marked as subscribed by default. The date when contact is added is recorded automatically. Each phone number you are importing should be prefixed with country code.






You can create unlimited message groups and you can upload the mp3 voice recording accordingly. For example, you can create a message group of Restaurant Offers, Party Offers, Film Promotions, Website Promotions, Mall Promotions and so on as you wish, and you can upload the voice recordings in correct groups for easy management.


The number of voice messages in each group is clearly visible/playable. Editing and deleting of groups is fairly simple.


There are 3 ways to create a Voice Recording:


a) You can manually upload MP3 file. The voice recording can be of any length. After uploading, you can listen to any voice recording by a built in mp3 player. Each uploaded voice recording is stamped with its size, file name, date of upload. And yes, you can delete any voice message if it is not acceptable and upload a fresh one.


b) Record over phone. - Once you click the "Record over phone" option, our sophisticated system will make a real time live call to your phone number. Once you pickup, a nice lady will greet you and will tell you to record your voice after a beep. Once you finish recording, you can hang up the call and your recorded voice message will appear instantly in the respective message group. Pretty nice. Isn't it!


c) Text to Speech. - You can write any text in English and the system will convert it into voice by just a push of a button. That sounds sci-fi but it's real. For example, suppose you have an urgent offer for your customers, but don't have your voice artist with you, then you can simply use this trick to produce the voice recording.






You are allowed to make 10 outbound calls per second. That comes to around 600 calls/min. However we can scale it up to 1000 outbound calls per second, if required. So, if you are a Hollywood film producer and you want to broadcast the voice trailer of your movie to the entire USA population of 0.25 billion, then you need not worry. Our systems can keep making 60,000 calls each minute continuously for up to 3 days. This is our technology.


You can select any of your existing lists and you can select the voice message of any group and then you just have to click MAKE CALLS. The interface is very clean and simple. Our software will start making a real time live phone call simultaneously to each of the phone numbers in the list at the rate of 10 outbound calls per second and will playback the voice recording in full 100% loud and clear voice.


Your advertising message will get served perfectly. Your customers can be located in any part of this entire world. They can be either in the home or outside. They can be in any high rise building or in any bunker. They can be in a car, bus, train or plane. No matter where your customers are, our million dollar computer systems and telecom infrastructure will make a REAL TIME LIVE PHONE CALL SIMULTANEOUSLY TO EACH OF THE PHONE NUMBERS PRESENT IN THE LIST AT THE RATE OF 10 OUTBOUND CALLS PER SECOND. Our automated infrastructure never sleeps day or night and is always awake to PLAY your advertising voice message to your customers no matter where they are.



As we talk through the benefits just imagine how many sales and the huge amount of money you would make by using this product. Sit down and start concentrating on your homework and you will suddenly find yourself finishing it really quickly. Imagine how good you will feel when you get THE SALES you expect by using this advertising method.






Send any BULK SMS anytime to any country. We are the single portal for worldwide bulk calls/sms. If you see someone offering the same, they are most likely our resellers. Any recipient can unsubscribe by replying back to the SMS with the message STOP.






After making the calls, you will immediately get a clear cut log/report of the number of people who actually picked up and answered the phone and a log/report of the number of people who didn't. People who answer the phone will be marked SUCCESS. People who do not pick up the phone will be marked MACHINE. With one click, you can call back the unanswered calls.


Thus, logs will show you all the broadcast calls you have made, arranged beautifully in a descending order. Each log will show the date/time the call was made, the list to which the call was made, the voice recording that was sent, the number of Completed (SUCCESS) calls, the number of Uncompleted (MACHINE) calls, and the TOTAL COST incurred in making the calls. Each of the logs can be exported. Even SUCCESS and/or MACHINE calls can be exported separately.


Apart from this, the drill down log will show you the exact date/time any given phone number was called, its completion status and the exact cost involved in calling that particular number.






You will need to have a prepaid balance in your account in order to make calls. Before the system makes any call, it will check your online balance. Should your balance go below zero, the bulk call will be aborted. Online balance of any amount can be restored when required via PAYPAL. You can also buy the prepaid balance via CHECK/DD/BANK TRANSFER etc. For your convenience, we have made a provision where you can see the past deposits, date/time deposited, and mode of payment etc in the online balance history.






Want to test our SERVER speed of bulk calls/sms ?


Enter your PHONE/MOBILE NUMBER to get a demo call/sms instantly by our super fast servers. Let you be in any country, state, city or let you be in any moving car, train, plane or let you be in any bunker, space  our servers will track you by its radar and will make a live call/sms instantly within you blink. Test us now.













Software Cost - $19.99/- Lifetime License.



Call Rate - Each outbound call will be charged extra and will be calibrated based on "International Bulk Call Rate" chart as present HERE


SMS Rate - Each outbound SMS will be charged extra and will be calibrated based on "International Bulk SMS Rate" chart as present HERE


Missed-Calls : Free / No charge.


Phone numbers - You can optionally buy EXCLUSIVE DEDICATED phone number FOR YOUR COMPANY/BUSINESS.


                        USA PHONE NUMBER - $5/per month

                        UK   PHONE NUMBER - $5/per month

                        CANADA PHONE NUMBER - $5/ per month



































1) You will get a free domain with lifetime hosting.
2) You will get the multi-users SMS MACHINE software with installation.
3) You can Start your own private branded Worldwide Bulk SMS/CALLS Business overnight.
4) You can charge your customers $19.99 to create an user account and can keep full $19.99 as your profit.
5) You can sell the SMS MACHINE for $199.99 like us and thus you will earn $100 as your profit per sale.
6) Instant SetUp of your NEW business and REPLICA website with your paypal email address in payment button in just 60 minutes.

7) This business model/opportunity is applicable and available in any country.











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